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Xeebra, a multi-camera review system created by EVS, has been adopted by production services provider Gravity Media, which specializes in outdoor coverage.

EVS’ Xeebra is the core technology of Gravity Media’s new integrated sports review and video communication solution, Gravity Review System (GRS). Networked and scalable, Xeebra can be deployed onboard a mobile unit or installed on-site with fiber connection in a compact flight-case configuration. GRS, which supports Full HD 1080p and super slow motion thanks to EVS technology, will be offered as a service by Gravity Media.

GRS will benefit from Xeebra’s accessibility. The EVS system offers a simple multi-touch interface that allows users to review and share multiple camera streams synchronized with each other. EVS has also specified that Xeebra “continuously records the action so that nothing is missed.” This means that even if multiple incidents occur simultaneously, they will be recorded, flagged and ready for review so that referees can make quick decisions on penalties.

EVS Xeebra - Gravity Media - ControladorGRS, tested in motorsport and rugby

GRS debuted earlier this year at a major motorsport meeting in New South Wales, giving officials real-time coverage of the race from all angles to resolve controversial incidents and ensure drivers adhered to strict driving behavior. The platform has also been used in head injury assessment (HIA) for Australian Rugby Union’s Super Rugby, Trans Tasman and various international fixtures.

Ben Madgwick, Gravity Media’s director of media and facilities services, believes that, with the use of GRS, “there’s less scope for error and debate over crucial decisions which has a huge impact on the flow of a game and the quality of the production.” On the other hand, Dylan Cameron, EVS‘ Australian operations manager, says: “We’re delighted to support Gravity Media as it extends its offering to the thriving Australian live sports market.”

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By • 16 Jun, 2021
• Section: Issue, Media management