Ross Video - NewtRoss Video‘s Newt converter and SRG-4500 reference generator are back with new features.

Version 4.0 of Newt, Ross Video’s compact UHD-over-IP SDI / HDMI converter, adds SSM, NMOS and “diagnostics” to its feature set. Capable of connecting to Quad-SDI and HDMI 2.0 interfaces with JT-NM-tested ST2110 media streams, Newt supports NMOS, EmBER+ and DashBoard open standards protocols, giving you the freedom to use it in different IP environments. Alun Fryer, director of product and solutions marketing at Ross, notes that this is a “classic” case where Ross has taken “customer input” and translated them into “feature enhancements.” “These enhancements make it easier for Newt to fit into a wider variety of network environments,” he stresses.

Ross Video - SRG-4500

In parallel, the latest upgrade to Ross’ SRG-4500 master synchronization generator makes ST2110 networks able to benefit from new Precision Time Protocol (PTP) support. The PTP upgrade brings deployable configuration support for both the previously mentioned ST2110, as well as AES67, to help deploy hybrid IP or SDI networks. The upgrade does not require new hardware, as it is available as a software option and can be installed with a license key and software upgrade.

Both the Newt 4.0 and PTP upgrade for the SRG-4500 generator are available now.

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For • 5 Jul, 2021
• Section: Study, IP