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Harmonic’s VOS cloud streaming platform and XOS appliance have made it possible to deliver UHD Dolby Vision content via the public cloud.

With such Dolby Vision support, Harmonic’s cloud streaming SaaS and software-based solutions can reduce capex for broadcasters and streaming providers through a workflow that automates and simplifies the delivery of live HDR video.

The integration of Dolby Vision into Harmonic’s VOS and XOS solutions also provides operators with the ability to offer UHD HDR services with “faster” time to market. It does so by ensuring interoperability across a wide range of consumer devices and the ability to meet multiple HDR delivery requirements.

Jean-Christophe Morizur, senior director of professional solutions and products at Dolby Laboratories, is confident that “Harmonic’s adoption of Dolby Vision within its VOS and XOS solutions are major milestones, which will enhance, simplify and automate how operators deliver live HDR content.”

On the other hand, Stephane Cloirec, vice president of video devices Harmonic, remarks that the support of Dolby Vision “demonstrates our commitment to streamlining and democratizing UHD HDR live delivery, helping operators embrace the UHD HDR revolution and bring outstanding video experiences to consumers.”

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For • 16 Jul, 2021
• Section: Media management, UHD TV