Clear-Com Arcadia

Clear-Com has presented the first details of Arcadia, a scalable IP platform that integrates all of the manufacturer’s wired and wireless partyline systems.

Arcadia, which can license up to 96 IP ports in a single device, is capable of bringing together products such as the FreeSpeak family of digital wireless solutions or the HelixNet Digital Partyline. Designed to be a scalable platform based on new licenses and developments, Clear-Com is looking for Arcadia to become the hub of intercommunications in broadcast environments.

According to Clear-Com, Arcadia has been designed to mark a before and after in intercom equipment flows, since it is capable of combining digital, analog and AoIP intercom technologies “in a single integrated system”.

Clear-Com Arcadia Frontal

Compatible with IP standards

Arcadia provides connectivity to a wide range of Clear-Com solutions through a mix of 2-wire and 4-wire audio ports, along with third-party Dante and AES67 AoIP devices. These include the full range of FreeSpeak digital wireless products, covering the 1.9 GHz, 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands; and with HelixNet.

The system integrates two large touch screens on its front panel, with four rotary controls for scrolling through menus. Configuration can be done through a new version of Clear-Com’s CCM software, which features an intuitive web interface that guides users through every step of the process.

Bob Boster, president of Clear-Com, calls Arcadia a “universal translator” because it integrates “all our partyline systems together in a single, compact 1RU package.” Boster also stresses that, thanks to its license-based model, its functionalities “will increase over time.” “We see Arcadia leveraging our partyline heritage to deliver a group communications workflow platform that will allow for nearly endless expansion to support the vast majority of live sound applications, as well as many workflows in other markets including broadcast, aerospace, and marine/offshore,” the executive concludes.

ClearCom Arcadia Trasera

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For • 21 Jul, 2021
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