De izda. a dcha.: Chirag Barwa, Pre-Sales Engineer APAC, LiveU; Surinder Kapoor, Director – News, ANI; and Azaz Khan, Technical Engineer, ANI.

ANI, the leading India-based news agency working across Asia, has once again turned to LiveU to enhance its live newsgathering capabilities with the purchase of multiple, multi-camera LU800s, LiveU’s flagship solution.

ANI has been a longstanding customer since 2011 using LU600 units across its fleet and made the decision to upgrade to the LU800 to keep its market leadership.

Ishaan Prakash, Editor at ANI Live Service, said, “Newsgathering is a very competitive sector and we always want to be pushing the boundaries of what’s possible for our customers. We have always been very happy with LiveU and what it brings to our business and the LU800 is no exception. Both the increased signal reliability and the exceptional multi-camera capabilities bring new levels of flexibility and open up new possibilities across newsgathering.”

During the tests, ANI highlighted the impressive signal reliability and efficiency of the LU800, providing even greater performance at lower bitrates, a capability that has particular importance across India and surrounding countries due to often challenging network conditions. ANI was also impressed with the LU800’s multi-camera capabilities as it provides new levels of flexibility in the field. They can send less units to cover breaking news and events and, in some cases, save on the number of camera operators deployed as one operator can handle both moving and static shots with a single unit. Lastly, at planned events, multiple fixed feeds can be sent via a single unit, only requiring a single operator to do so.

Ranjit Bhatti, Sr. Director, South Asia, LiveU, said, “We’re extremely happy to see ANI adopt our latest technology and pushing it to its boundaries using multi-camera productions from national news events, giving their customers more comprehensive news content.”

Yaal Eshel, General Manager, LiveU Asia, said, “ANI is an important long-time customer who has always been first to adopt our new technologies and we’re pleased to see this renewed commitment to LiveU with this purchase. A news agency of this size and reach once again turning to us is a clear validation of the LU800’s capabilities.”

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For • 29 Jul, 2021
• Section: Issue, Mobile TV