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Several LiveU LU800 broadcast systems were employed by Indianapolis production services company Tupelo Honey to cover The Basketball Tournament, a competition that could be seen via ESPN.

The Basketball Tournament is an event involving a total of 64 teams that takes place over three weeks in various locations across the United States. This year, Tupelo Honey decided to produce the event remotely using LiveU from its production facility in Indianapolis. By making this decision, the company sought to reduce travel, cut costs and, thus, be able to devote more time to production.

Tupelo Honey decided to deploy two LU800 multi-camera transmission units on site. These systems, connected to CCU, were used to send up to eight simultaneous live video streams to the production center with less than one second of latency.

John Servizzi, CTO of Tupelo Honey, believes that the pandemic “has accelerated a lot of things that were already in place.” For example, remote production: “LiveU offers a redundancy that frankly satellite and even fiber don’t. If the network on site goes down, we have cellular as a backup and knowing that the future is not in the ground, the future is in the air. The growth is going to be in bandwidth,” says Servizzi.

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For • 6 Sep, 2021
• Section: Mobile TV