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The new reality of Mediaset Spain, Secret Story The House of Secrets It can be seen through a 24-hour channel live that will have a double signal: a free one and open in Mitele, and a second exclusive for Mitele Plus subscribers.

Al contar con esta señal exclusiva, los usuarios de Mitele Plus podrán elegir qué señal de las dos disponibles desean seguir para no perderse detalle de la convivencia de los participantes de este programa de telerrealidad, producido por Mediaset In collaboration with Zeppelin (Banijay Iberia).

Beyond this addition, Mitele Plus will host other content such as a daily summary of Secret Story The House of Secrets, with the most outstanding day-to-day situations of the house; and 30 exclusive minutes Live of the program that Jordi González will lead, which will anticipate its broadcast on Telecinco from its second installment.

Digital bet

Beyond this premium aspect, Secret Story The House of Secrets will have wide coverage through Mitele Y Telecinco.es. In the first platform, different inquiries to the audience, what can you take binding decisions on different aspects of the dynamics of the contest. In the same way, in Mitele all the formats of the program will be available live and on demand: the galas of Secret Story The House of Secrets, hosted by Jorge Javier Vázquez on Telecinco; Secret Story Countdown, with Carlos Sobera on Telecinco and Cuatro; Secret Story The night of secrets, with Jordi González on Telecinco; and Secret Story Last minute with Lara Álvarez on Telecinco.

On the other hand, through Telecinco.es viewers will be able to follow the minute by minute of the show, with the account of what happens in the house daily from morning until dawn by the team of web miners; the cat terminated, an analysis by reality TV expert David Cano on the most outstanding aspects of coexistence; and the news of the contest, through news and videos.

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For • 7 Sep, 2021
• Section: TV