Ross Video Boromy UngRoss Video has recruited Boromy Ung, who will be responsible for growing the graphics business in a new position called “senior director – product management and business development – graphics”.

Based in Montreal, Canada, Ung has extensive industry experience, having held senior product management and product manager roles at companies such as Grass Valley and ChyronHego. Ung will lead the product management and business development teams for both XPression graphics and Ross Virtual Solutions.

Ung said he is “very pleased” to be joining Ross at “this important time”. Unsurprisingly, Ung refers to the new global landscape left by the pandemic, which “has forced many of our customers to reassess how they work.” “Ross has managed to navigate the last eighteen months remarkably well, and I’m particularly impressed by the long-term view that David and the Ross senior management team are taking. To use a running analogy, our success is a marathon, not a sprint, and I’m looking forward to playing my part as we keep innovating and building out our graphics offerings,” Ung elaborates.

Bas Saleh, Ross’ vice president of graphics, publicly welcomed Ung. Describing him as “a highly respected industry figure,” Saleh says he is confident that “Boromy’s experience will be extremely valuable as we continue building live production’s most powerful and valuable graphics platform.”

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For • 10 Sep, 2021
• Section: Business