Olivia Rodrigo - Dolby

Three of the creators nominated for the MTV-powered VMAs, The Weekend, Olivia Rodrigo and Justin Bieber, have shaped their latest hits with Dolby Atmos.

Immersive audio technology, beyond having a growing presence in major motion picture releases and a number of broadcast productions, also continues to make its way into the music industry. Dolby Atmos, as in other areas, favors a “full immersive experience,” which allows musicians and fans to connect in a deeper way.

Olivia Rodrigo, when mixing her music with this technology, states that she manages to make the listener feel like they are “inside the song”. She also points out that Atmos allows “to appreciate different elements of the songs that were previously unnoticed”. Furthermore, The Weekend manages to achieve its goals of creating “sensory experiences” through music, creating “new worlds”. Finally, Justin Bieber highlights how Dolby Atmos makes music become “something tangible”.

The artists themselves delve into the experience of working with Atmos in this series of videos.



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For • 23 Sep, 2021
• Section: Audio