Brainstorm Virtual Week 2021

The latest version of its Brainstorm Virtual Week to take place over three days from October 26th to 28th with the emphasis on customer success stories and showcasing the outstanding content created with our product portfolio.

With travel restrictions and social distancing still affecting many countries, Brainstorm’s Virtual Week will highlight the company’s continued commitment to customers, users and the market in general to offer its virtual communications solutions and other applications to satisfy their requirements.

The Brainstorm Virtual Week is open to anyone who wants to see how Brainstorm’s technology can help their business in these difficult times, using virtual technology with innovative solutions for broadcast, content creation, virtual events, virtual production and much more, so the event will be focused on customer success stories created by using the company’s range of products.

Along with traditional broadcasters, new and creative companies are taking advantage of what virtual technology can offer to the audio-visual sector today, and they’ll be sharing their experiences. So, well-known companies like WWE, the BBC and Camkoon will be accompanied by other players such as Nominari, Media Fuel, Crambo and Hi_End.

The virtual event will be produced using Edison PRO, Brainstorm’s new and easy-to-use presentation solution for creating hassle-free AR/VR live events. By using fixed cameras and Brainstorm’s TrackFree technology, Edison PRO offers unlimited free camera movements and virtual set expansion, regardless of the size of the chroma screen. Edison PRO also facilitates the tele-transportation of the speakers to the virtual set, so they can be interviewed as if they were physically in the same set as the Brainstorm host.

“Our Virtual Week will show how Brainstorm’s applications can propel remote events to entirely new levels of audience engagement”, comments David Alexander, Brainstorm’s Commercial Director. “Not only does our Edison PRO demonstrate amazing presentation capabilities within a virtual environment designed to enhance the attendees’ experience of the event, but we’ll add realism and vibrancy to the tele-transported ‘face-to-face’ interviews with our customers as they showcase their successful projects based on Brainstorm technology. So, this really is a must-see event!”

To ensure that Brainstorm’s Virtual Week is accessible to anyone wherever they are in the world, sessions will run for three days and will be available in different time zones, so please check which one suits you best.

More information and gegistration, here.

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By • 21 Oct, 2021
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