Ross Video - Monogram creative console

The Monogram modular control surface Creative Console will be offered by Ross Video as part of the range of accessories for Ross Camera Motion systems thanks to a new distribution agreement.

Creative Console is a flexible and customizable control surface comprising different modules. These include the Orbiter module, an alternative to the joystick and trackball, dials, sliders and control buttons that can be arranged in a way that best suits the operator. Each module attaches to the others magnetically, allowing operators to mix and match and create an expandable control surface that best suits their own ergonomic needs and preferences.

Karen Walker, vice president of camera motion systems at Ross believes that USB joysticks “rarely” have a sufficient number of dials or control options for cameras, something that the Monogram product solves. On the other hand, Walker stresses that all modules connect together very robustly and additional modules can be easily added or removed as applications, users and usage requirements change. “Monogram’s Creative Console has the build quality and precision control our customers demand, and represents a highly cost-effective complement to our latest range of PTZ cameras and robotic camera heads, giving customers a complete solution that represents fantastic value,” comments Walker.

Greg Barber, vice president of alliances at Monogram, is also excited about the new agreement: “It’s been a rewarding partnership with the Ross Video Robotics team, as we combine various Monogram modular controls and Ross DashBoard functions into a series of optimized and affordable control surface solutions for Ross Camera Motion Systems.”

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By • 15 Nov, 2021
• Section: Study