ARRI Orbiter - Accesorios - Docking Ring 2022

Docking Ring, Bag-o-Light, Glass Cover and Dome Mini are the new solutions that become part of the family of accessories for ARRI’s Orbiter luminaire.

The announcement features the Docking Ring, a solution for easy integration of third-party systems into the ARRI Orbiter. With the Quick Lighting Mount (QLM) system, users can easily switch between a wide range of compatible solutions from various manufacturers, including projection, Fresnel and Cyc-optics weighing up to 7.9kg. The Docking Ring itself is lightweight (~ 1 kg) and compact (246 mm x 225 mm x 86 mm), making it easy to transport. At the same time, the system integrates an “automatic and silent” cooling fan, which ensures the smooth operation of third-party optics.

ARRI - Orbiter - Accesorios - 2022ARRI has also introduced the Orbiter Bag-O-Light, a soft light for close-ups. This accessory, which can be attached to Orbiter’s 15° Open Face optics, measures 2m long with a diameter of 22cm and weighs less than 0.86kg. The Orbiter Glass Cover, on the other hand, is an ultra-translucent glass that allows “full and unrestricted” light output without affecting colour temperature or quality. ARRI defines the solution as “ideal” for close-range applications with limited available space where a lot of light is needed.

Finally, the Orbiter Dome Mini provides “high quality omnidirectional light with high intensity”. Compared to the Dome optic, the Dome Mini is a compact version and therefore smaller and lighter. Its highly translucent material keeps light output loss to a minimum compared to the normally larger, fabric domes.

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For • 14 Jan, 2022
• Section: Accessories, illumination