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The Lawo RƎLAY virtual radio software underpins the production of 104.1 Power FM, one of the first broadcasters in Rwanda to adopt IP.

The 104.1 Power FM AES67 IP infrastructure not only helps provide operators with “fast, efficient and flexible” workflows, but requires little traditional hardware. In this new technological environment, a large DJ touchscreen is at the heart of all the action. Using only a standard Windows PC, Lawo RƎLAY VRX virtual radio mixer software, together with VSC virtual sound card drivers, provide a complete radio broadcast studio solution.

Beyond on-site operation, the new Lawo RƎLAY installation allows for remotely controlled radio production and broadcasts to originate from off-site. By taking advantage of the cost-effectiveness of commercially available COTS PCs, Ethernet switches and CAT-5 cabling, the new station is independent of specialised hardware: all components can be purchased locally. This configuration even allows remote control of the entire Power FM radio station with just a smartphone.

Power FM - Lawo RelayKen Kayima, general manager of 104.1 Power FM, is enthusiastic about his station’s new technology: “Creating a radio station was never this easy before! And RƎLAY controls are so simple that presenters can focus solely on their programs and listeners. Expansion for inputs or streaming is just plug and play; we can connect smartphones as hybrids and integrate any radio playout system.” Ralf Schimmel, senior sales manager for Africa, Italy and the Balkans at Lawo, adds: “The creativity that Lawo customers display in using our products to solve problems never fails to delight me! Ken and his team instantly grasped the possibilities that RƎLAY offers, and the benefits of an IP-based virtual radio infrastructure. With these they developed a custom workflow concept that makes Power FM really stand out among Kigali’s radio stations.”

The RƎLAY virtual radio software family includes the RƎLAY VRX8, RƎLAY VRX4, RƎLAY VPB, RƎLAY AoIP Stream Monitor and RƎLAY VSC Virtual Sound Card solutions.

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By • 23 Jun, 2022
• Section: Audio, Radio