Lawo 'Elasticity'

After promoting “elasticity” as a concept, Lawo convenes next April 4 two online sessions will serve to advance some of the news that the manufacturer will show in its booth at NAB 2023.

“Elasticity” refers to the ability of a system to quickly scale its capacity up or down in response to changes in demand for resources. It is an important factor in ensuring the efficient use of computing resources, maintaining system performance, enhancing sustainability, and improving cost effectiveness.

At this year’s special NAB show, Lawo will exhibit more than 10 new products and major updates to its existing audio, video, control and monitoring portfolio.

After successfully integrating the entire Lawo product catalog, welcoming third-party vendors, and implementing HOME’s comprehensive NMOS IS-04 and IS-05 compatibility, Lawo will introduce its next set of features for its HOME IP infrastructure management platform.

The audio production community can look forward to Lawo officially launching version 10.6 for its mc² and A__UHD Core platform, which delivers a new level of immersive audio mixing and cutting-edge advancements for multi-channel processing and downmixing.

Version 10.6 supports the new, optional, Pooling 8 license designed to share the 1,024 DSP channels of a A__UHD Core among up to eight independent mixing surfaces. In line with this development, Lawo is rumored to unveil a new console model at the NAB Show.

Lawo’s line-up of on-air/radio solutions will be expanded with a new processing core, a new software version for its radio portfolio, an additional I/O card for the Power Core’s rear-panel bays, and an extension for its R3LAY radio software.

Finally, Lawo will announce that its broadcast control system, VSM, is on its way to becoming a key first-class citizen within its HOME ecosystem for forward-looking broadcast and AV applications.

Lawo ‘Elasticity’

Special Online Event on 4th April 2023

  • 2pm CEST (8am EDT)
  • 8pm CEST (2pm EDT)

More information and registering here.

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