Zero Density - RealityHub 1.2

RealityHub by Densità Zero is updated to version 1.2, which provides new control capabilities for virtual environments via a web browser.

RealityHub 1.2, defined as a “massive upgrade,” allows users of the Zero Density virtual production software to remotely manage everything from real-time graphics a robotic cameras attraverso web browser. Furthermore, thanks to the system’s new features, film crews can insert different automation systems and external data sources into RealityHub; or they can choose to take advantage of the Zero Density open source SDK to develop their own custom integrations.

Andrew Maloof, senior graphics systems engineer at The Weather Channel, is already taking advantage of the enhancements in the new version of RealityHub: “In a single application, RealityHub grants our users the ability to configure, compile, launch and playout projects, while providing time-saving ways to optimize their workflow. Centralizing these tools into an intuitive, easily-accessible web interface changes the game for our artists, engineers and graphics operators.”

Integration with Unreal Engine Vanilla

In addition, the RealityHub HTML5 interface can now be used to access the Unreal Engine thanks to the new Motore irreale Vanilla support in RealityHub 1.2. More features of RealityHub 1.2 are the possibility of integrating real-time data, which will allow weather, electoral, sports or financial information to be updated; native integration with broadcast ecosystems, including Octopus; and the launch of a free edition of Reality Hub, which has all the features of the paid version but is only accessible by a single user.

Kuban Altan, co-founder and VP of R&D at Zero Density, provides more details of the latest version of RealityHub: “RealityHub was designed to help customers like The Weather Channel, Warner Media and Eurosport by bringing traditional standalone control systems into a web browser. This lets teams manage entire broadcast setups without having to worry about long installation processes. With RealityHub 1.2’s Unreal Engine Vanilla support, we are now opening up to a future where RealityHub technology is more accessible than ever before, giving Unreal Engine creatives in broadcast, education, live events and any other industry the power to control every element of their production from a single hub.”

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Di • 7 Dec, 2021
• Sezione: 360/VR, Automazione, Studia, grafica