Sony Teltec FR7

German supplier Teltec Group has signed an agreement with Сони to purchase 50 units of the new ILME-FR7 PTZ camera, a system it hopes will bring “new creative and cinematic possibilities to filmmakers.”

Sony - FR7 - PTZThe ILME-FR7 is a PTZ camera with cinematic capabilities, combining a full frame image sensor, the possibility of using interchangeable lenses and support for remote operation. This system is not only aimed at the world of filmmaking, but also seeks to offer new creative possibilities for транслировать or live events.

Steffen Schenk, COO of Teltec, explains that the acquisition of the FR7 is a further step in their close cooperation with Сони: “We’ve been working with Sony for many years and our customers rely on their products. The PXW-FS7 and PXW-FS7M2 have been hugely popular, and in 2019 we took 150 FX9’s which really demonstrated a big step forward in technology. We are proud to be one of the first companies in Europe to be able to offer the FR7 to our customers and are looking forward to seeing it in action.”

On the Japanese firm’s side, Olivier Bovis, director of media solutions at Sony Professional Solutions Europe, says Sony is “thrilled to be working with Teltec again”. Bovis also says the company is “looking forward to seeing this camera open up many new opportunities for creativity for its customers.”

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