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The new line of Vector 3 MultiPlay solutions is a new generation of solutions for playout that represents a radical change in the outdated philosophy of traditional continuity controls.

Vector 3 to attend IBC intended to revolutionize the traditional concept of reigning in continuity controls and multichannel playout centers today. His proposal is called MultiPlay and integrates numerous modules can be adapted according to each need. One of these modules is MultiPlay MCR for automation and master control. The other engine of the system of called Multiplay VServer and represents a new generation in servers. With total flexibility, both can be integrated to create a redundant architecture, thus taking full advantage and efficiency to IT technologies. Vector MultiPlay allows redundant total workflow management allowing users to assign resources backup channel by channel.

TV Korea with Vector

TV Korea channel owned by the South Korean communication holding RK Media Group, has to rely on the technology of the Vector Spanish 3 for the continuity of its channel which broadcasts 24 hours 7 days a week with a family programming (with some areas recorded in studies of Los Angeles) combined with information. For the Edition used Final Cut Pro and Apple, also integrating technology For-A and Harris for continuity monitoring, and Vector 3 solutions for ingest, playout of media and graphics, and automation of continuity management.

Diagrama de flujo de trabajo con MultiPlay de Vector 3

Work with Vector 3 MultiPlay flowchart

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By • August 17, 2009
• Section: Storage, Automation, Emission, Media management