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Jean-Louis Diascorn, Thomson Video Networks, analyze the implications and challenges of 4K at a conference entitled "On the Road to 4K, How Can HD Picture Quality Evolve?" In which he analyzed the 4K from the angle of the viewer, posing the question: how much more you can get quality on TV?

Without doubt one of the hottest in the next NAB 2012 issues will be the impact of new production and distribution environments 4K. Thomson Video Networks has been invited by the organization to try to draw the roadmap that will 4K in the audiovisual.

Jean-Louis Diascorn, product manager coding Thomson Video Networks, analyze the implications and challenges of the 4K in a session entitled "The forthcoming digital television transition" will take place on April 15 at 9:30 am

The presentation will address the entire 4K workflow from production to broadcast. Using data from the research objective and subjective image quality evaluations, the exhibition provides links to the different ways in which viewers can experience 4K images, and appropriateness of different technologies for different production environments.

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By • Mar 20, 2012
• Section: Events, Business