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Yamaha Rivage PM Audi Q4

The digital world premiere of the new Audi Q4 e-Tron, a large-scale stream, was produced with several Yamaha Rivage PM systems.

The unveiling of the new Q4 e-tron و Q4 Sportback e-tron electric vehicles was a complex production consisting of a total of 45 live streaming signals. Targeting media from 28 different countries, each feed was produced in three different languages.

The event’s base of operations, in which Yamaha played a key role, was the Eisbach Studios in Munich, where five dynamic studios were built. From them, Audi offered a digital event packed with digital workshops and interviews, Q&A sessions, panel discussions, virtual photo shoots, live presentations and a press conference. (macomNIYU), based in Berlin, was technically responsible for the event, while technical services were provided by AVE Audio Visual Equipment Verhengsten.

Audio management

مع 60 inputs and 25 outputs to manage the front of house and 80 inputs, 46 mixes and 20 direct outputs for the broadcast, AVE faced a major challenge. To tackle the production with all the guarantees, it decided to rent the Yamaha Rivage PM3 و PM7 systems from der Kohl GmbH. der Kohl himself was the professional chosen to mix the sound of the event for the production team, the monitors and the communications routed on the Rivage PM3. In parallel, engineer Michael Simon, also part of der Kohl’s company, created the mixes for streaming with the Rivage PM7.

The production featured multiple Pixera media server inputs, 40 channels of Shure Axient Digital Series wireless microphones and 12 channels of multilingual interpreters. In addition to the Rivage PM mixing surfaces, der Kohl GmbH provided nine Yamaha Rio3224-D2 and five Rio1608-D2 I/O racks, as well as five Ri8-D input racks and five Ro8-D output racks. Yamaha MSP3 و MSP5 studio monitors were also installed in the control rooms to monitor production.

Yamaha CHR12M

New DHR and CHR speakers

Yamaha recently expanded its line of professional audio speakers. Positioned between the flagship DZR – CZR series and the affordable DBR / CBR series, all new DHR (active) and CHR (passive) units feature selected custom transducers, plywood enclosures and a durable polyurea coating.

The two-way, 15-inch DHR15 و CHR15 units are designed for front-end applications. They include dual-angle pole-mount sockets, M10 rigging options and “excellent” full-range performance. On the other hand, the DHR12M و CHR12M are Yamaha’s first 12-inch coaxial floor monitors. They offer “accurate and coherent” monitoring in a low-profile format. Finally, the two-way DHR10 و CHR10 are 10-inch units designed for use as fills or delays.

All DHR models feature high-end Class D amplification, flexible “in-the-box” DSP, easily switchable line/mic inputs, and a quick-access on-board two-channel mixer. On the other hand, CHR models include dual NL4 connectors and advanced DSP via custom amplifier presets available on Yamaha’s PX و PC-D series amplifiers.

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