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Haivision Makito X4 Grass Valley GV AMPP

Integration into Grass Valley’s GV AMPP system of Haivision’s Makito X4 video encoder enables low-latency live contribution from multiple cameras in cloud production workflows.

The combination of the Makito X4 with GV AMPP offers content producers the ability “not only to reduce production cost, but also to benefit from a faster and more efficient workflow,” Haivision notes. As part of the Grass Valley ecosystem, Makito X4-encoded contribution streams can easily be used as live production feeds or recorded for later use by any AMPP platform application.

Similarly, GV AMPP users can benefit from highly accurate workflows and “full compatibility” with Grass Valley control surfaces and connected applications. All this, without the need for an initial installation. GV AMPP is a complete ecosystem of cloud-based tools, services and pre-qualified solutions that revolutionizes the way live media is produced. GV AMPP offers cloud-native and cloud-agnostic support for video/audio processing in a variety of cloud-centric ways.

Sydney Lovely, CTO of Grass Valley, optimistically welcomes the agreement, stating that the “powerful combination of Haivision technology and GV AMPP will provide broadcasters with the high performance and flexibility they need to deliver unmatched viewing quality to their audiences.”

Haivision’s Makito X4

The Makito X4 solution can encode and stream multiple synchronized camera feeds over an IP network, including the Internet, to GV AMPP. With native support for the open source Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) protocol, originally developed by Haivision, the Makito X4 is capable of delivering high quality video “even when faced with packet loss, jitter, latency and fluctuating network bandwidth.”

Designed as an ultra-low latency H.264 and HEVC video encoder to contribute live content in 4K, HD and HDR over IP networks, the Makito X4 encoder is available as a compact, lightweight device for tabletop use or as a blade for modular installation in a 1RU or 4RU chassis, supporting up to 84 HD or 21 UHD encodes.

Peter Maag, CMO and EVP Strategic Partnerships at Haivision, says they are “proud” to be working with Grass Valley. “With a firmly established reputation for our high-performance edge encoders, this joint solution reinforces Haivision’s steadfast commitment to helping broadcast, media, and entertainment organizations unlock the power and agility of the cloud,” he states.

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