The Qx also provides simultaneous closed loop testing of critical UHDTV equipment whatever the ‘flavour’ of UHDTV.


Designed as a complete solution for testing the new UHDTV formats, the Phabrix Qx features the very latest FPGA technology.

From a technical point of view the Qx technology has some notable USP’s. One of the most important is its support for 4 x 12Gbps inputs and 4 x 12Gbps outputs via SDI or from the integrated dual optical SFP cages. The Qx also provides simultaneous closed loop testing of critical UHDTV equipment whatever the ‘flavour’ of UHDTV.

Due to the differing composition of UHDTV standards be it 4 x 3G, 2 x 6G or single 12Gbps, the Qx determines the signal type based on the signal parameters it recognises – this information is used to augment and verify SMPTE 352 packet content allowing the Qx to operate even when incorrect 352 packets are present.

blankWith a sophisticated range of toolsets the Qx is able to take a lot of the complexity out of understanding the many varied new formats. A useful data view instrument is included allowing the data to be observed in hex, decimal or binary formats. Timing is a critical issue when using multiple link SDI standards (4 x 3G, 2 x 6G) and here the Qx provides a dedicated tool to check SDI signal alignment. Having a real-time physical layer instrument with automated SMPTE measurements, histograms, jitter and alignment timing can confirm signal integrity and with the additional 5 decade filtered jitter instrument for noise analysis, the Qx provides a sophisticated single tool solution.

Dealing with complex presentation of data and understanding format composition as a combined analyser and generator and displaying it clearly to an engineer is a corner stone of Phabrix’s success. One of the most impressive features of the Qx is the delivery of this information through a highly advanced user interface. Instruments are presented using icon selection rather than text allowing the product to appeal to different language speakers. Instrumentation and audio is provided simultaneously on both HDMI and SDI monitor outputs and the instrument output is further configurable for reference timing, TCP/IP Ethernet control and powerful pre-set configuration.


Feature Highlights

  • All new technology platform
  • UHDTV test and measurement
  • UHDTV1 / 4K dupport up to 2160p120
  • Audio (supporting upto 120 channels)
  • 12Gbps copper and fibre (SFP) support
  • 4x 12G-SDI IN
  • 4x 12G-SDI OUT
  • LINUX client/server architecture
  • Scaleable instruments
  • Layout presets
  • HDMI 1.4 Instrument output
  • 12G-SDI Instrument output
  • 10/100/1000 Ethernet control

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By • 5 Mar, 2017
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