VSN has supported Imagen with four of its products: VSNMulticom, VSNCreatv, VSNExplorer MAM and VSNBroadrec.

The VSN automation and workflow optimization software is powering Imagen Televisión, the first over-the-air television channel to launch in Mexico in more than two decades. Part of Grupo Imagen, one of the biggest media conglomerates in Mexico, Imagen Televisión is using VSN technology to automate, optimize and manage its entire broadcast workflow.

“We’re honored to play this key role in helping Imagen Televisión become a new media option for Mexican audiences,” said Aaron López, VSN Chief Operations Officer (COO). “Our trusted software systems are driving innovation and efficiency in a company that is itself on a path-breaking mission to connect with viewers and create new possibilities.”

Delivering on the strategic vision of Grupo Imagen’s parent company Grupo Empresarial Angeles, Imagen Televisión officially launched in October 2016 and is now broadcasting in 60 cities through 123 stations. VSN has supported Imagen with four of its products: VSNMulticom, VSNCreatv, VSNExplorer MAM and VSNBroadrec.

Automation workflow

The Imagen Televisión channel launch required a complete Master Control Room (MCR) automation workflow, integrated with all available third-party equipment. To that end, VSN successfully deployed two VSNMulticom systems, responsible for ensuring uninterrupted broadcasting, and tapped VSNCreatv for TV traffic and program scheduling.

VSN also integrated VSNMulticom and VSNExplorer MAM to manage automated workflows with Harmonic Spectrum media servers and WideOrbit media sales traffic. The deployment allows Imagen Televisión to have a fully automated MCR workflow to export video clips to the broadcast servers. The system can call upon video servers when a clip or scheduled program is not ready to be aired, providing the network with safety and efficiency.

Imagen Televisión is furthermore using the VSN automation system to segment clips and distribute them to more than 40 regions; by thus targeting programs and advertising to fit audience needs, the network can achieve better engagement results. Finally, to enable Imagen Televisión to record and save all broadcast content and check that it meets advertising and electoral standards, VSN implemented 42 VSNBroadrec legal compliance solutions.

The launch of Imagen Television ends 23 years without concession and creation of any new broadcast licenses in Mexico. Imagen Television has emerged as the third national television network and currently reaches more than 70 million people. .

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By • 5 Apr, 2017
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