VSN’s new advanced production asset management (PAM) tool, integrated within VSNExplorer, provides comprehensive project visibility and streamlines the management of workflows and material.


At IBC 2017 we will launch the new advanced PAM software and demonstrate WEDIT, their recently released video editing tool. Jordi Capdevila Espitia, Marketing Director of VSN, said “as seen in these releases and recent wins in Russia and Canada, our commitment to serving the worldwide media and entertainment industry through a diverse and customer-focused portfolio of innovative solutions remains strong and well-received”.

Production asset management (PAM)

VSN’s new advanced production asset management (PAM) tool provides comprehensive project visibility and streamlines the management of workflows and material. Integrated within VSNExplorer, VSN’s flagship media and business process management platform, this latest version of VSNExplorer PAM software gives production teams continuous control of ongoing projects from a single screen, enabling production departments to become more efficient and collaborative. The easy-to-use, intuitive tool delivers a range of capabilities designed for today’s time-constrained production teams, including: browsing and discovery of metadata and assets through a hierarchical tree view; custom at-a-glance management of all tasks, whether completed or in progress; user permission management for more effective visibility, control, and collaboration; asset creation within the interface, including new VSNExplorer WEDIT assets; downloadable EDL files, to complete video editing in any third-party NLE system; and tracking of assets across multiple media storage accounts, regardless of location. Developed 100 percent in HTML5, this advanced PAM tool interfaces not only with internal VSN modules, but also with external NLEs, social media channels, archival services, programming partners, quality check systems and more.


The new WEDIT was launched last April at NAB 2017. It is a highly functional web-based editing tool integrated within VSNExplorer, its media and business process management platform. Developed in HTML5, this quick and easy tool allows journalists and editors to edit videos and prepare them for broadcast from a single and unique interface, without having to switch to another system. Within the VSNExplorer interface and integrated with a full-featured MAM, WEDIT users can work on footage and clips located in deep archived, near-line or online storage. In effect, WEDIT is a “cloud content editor,” because it allows users to access and edit files on the cloud, a capability that can boost collaboration between editors and departments. In terms of editing features, WEDIT users can edit sequences quickly by cut; generate cut lists; mark-in and mark-out segments with proxy frame accuracy; associate metadata to the editing cuts; edit quickly from the interfaces timeline; and consolidate sequences and publishing. At any time, users can export a project into an EDL file to finish editing, if necessary, in another third-party NLE, such as Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro or Avid Media Composer.

VSN en NAB 2017

Business intelligence

The newly enhanced VSNExplorer BI is capable of transforming media information and metadata into powerful business intelligence. A module of VSNExplorer, this broadcast-centric BI tool can extract information on assets, quality, traffic, transcoding and other activities from extensive VSN data sources or even third-party systems; then it presents selected data in simple graphics and customer reports that can help decision-makers analyze business performance. Eliminating the need to create reports manually or rely on third-party systems, VSNExplorer BI can generate reports based on workflow status, pending user tasks or any custom MAM metadata criteria defined by the user. Users also have access to automatic analytical documents and reports created by default, as well as to customized dashboards that combine different reports and layouts (bar, pie, column, chart, bullet, speedometer…)

VSNExplorer BI enables users to control and analyze any given broadcast company’s data – even segmenting data by department and including filters to select based upon circumstances. Thanks to those reports, an administrator can make business decisions at the start of a process and then monitor it from a single dashboard. A powerful analytic and decision-making tool, VSNExplorer BI helps companies detect inefficiencies and bottlenecks, solve problems, and make decisions that drive greater revenue and more efficient use of corporate resources.

VSNExplorer BI

On display at IBC 2017

VSN’s professional team will bring to IBC 2017 all the latest software developments included in its portfolio of solutions for Broadcast and Media Management.

Among other showcased products is the noteworthy integration between Ross Video’s Inception and VSNExplorer. This system for news production has recently been improved and it includes among its latest features the VSNExplorer MAM system for managing media clips, as well as the aforementioned WEDIT video editor. The combination of these products allows journalists to finish their video pieces and news directly within a single system and web interface, improving their speed and effectiveness in news creation and its delivery for broadcast or direct publication in social media.

Furthermore, the VSNQC solution for content quality control will be on display together with several new functionalities of VSNEsplorer for metadata and keyframes management and its latest integration with Online Thesaurus and Linked Data technologies. Also the refined version of VSNCrea TV for traffic and scheduling will include some interesting new features like managing lower third graphics that are expected to draw attention at IBC this year.

‘We are aware that our customers need not only to be faster at work, but also to have access to all their tools and media clips wherever and whenever they need to. The broadcast sector is evolving really quickly thanks to technologies like the Cloud and at VSN we keep adapting to this new reality by developing products that perfectly meet these new demands. WEDIT, the latest integration between Inception and VSNExplorer are a perfect example.’, says VSN’s product manager, Toni Vilalta.

Finally, VSN will also exhibit the advanced MAM on Cloud solution recently developed together with its partner Microsoft Azure Media Services Cloud platform, especially for non-broadcast companies that need to work also with media files on a daily basis, such as private corporations, public institutions or educational organizations. Its improved functionalities for cataloguing and media organization, such as speech-to-text, auto-cataloguing and the latest advances on keyframes, allow users to manage their content in a much more efficient and flexible way, with increased productivity and better collaboration among professionals.

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