Newtek 3Play 3P2

The new 3Play 3P2 video replay and telestration system, developed by Newtek (Vizrt Group), seeks to position itself in the market of instant replay for sports productions.

Newtek’s 3Play 3P2 features include 4K compatibily, increased inputs, sharable playlists, pan-and-scan areas of interest, built-in NewTek NDI Telestrator capabilities, clip publishing and more. Barbara Spicek, president of NewTek, tell us more about the latest solution of the company: “3Play 3P2’s operator-centric workflow breaks the play down to bring your audience deeper into the game in real time and in stunning 4K. 3Play 3P2’s built-in features bring access to those vital plays within a game to fans faster, from more angles for unmatched viewing experiences.”

Zoom & Tracking

The built-in playback zoom and tracking feature allows operators to select multiple points of interest and zoom in and out to capture an all-important play. The key-frameable feature allows users to scrub clips, pinpointing desired timecodes of crucial plays.

Spicek continued, “Zoom and tracking is about getting those ‘areas of interest,’ like a toe touching out of bounds, by zooming and scanning. It is keyframe driven, giving you even more accuracy during fast action plays. With 4k60p recordings this can be very useful. Breaking it down in granular detail with keyframes will produce better results and better replay.”

This 10 channel replay solution offers 8 external inputs and 2 outputs. Inputs can be any combination of NDI sources with 4 SDI connectors built directly into the chassis. The outputs can be independent or work together in a preview/program workflow including live animated, 3D-warped visual transitions delivered to both SDI and NDI destinations.

Playlist Sharing

Operators also benefit from sharable playlists, allowing NewTek TriCaster® live production systems to work collaboratively. 3P2 and TriCaster operators can sync 3Play playlists over the network via NDI to create a unique collaborative experience for increased speed and flexibility in sports production workflows.

“We made the relationship between the 3P2 operator and the TriCaster operator feel seamless, as if they are working on the same system,” continued Spicek. “This is where collaboration between two different operators comes into play. It makes it much easier to get the best clips out to broadcast.”

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For • 21 Apr, 2021
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