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Equipment such as Ross Video‘s XPression Tessera, Carbonite Mosaic or Ultrix have contributed to the production of Van Wagner‘s NFL Draft 2021.

While the 2020 Draft was a virtual event, this year it will be held over three days at three historic venues in downtown Cleveland, Ohio: FirstEnergy Stadium, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and the Great Lakes Science Center.

Once again, Ross Video’s Sports team is working alongside Van Wanger to support the event for the fourth consecutive year. Specifically, the two are working on the draft’s main stage located on the North Shore harbor, just outside FirstEnergy Stadium, with Lake Erie as a backdrop.

Ross will manage more than twenty-five million pixels of LED displays with XPression Tessera and Carbonite Mosaic graphics rendering solutions. The Ultrix AV routing and processing platform handles signal routing, while control of the entire system will be handled by Ross’ DashBoard platform.

Steps forward

Bob Becker, executive vice president of productions at Vag Warner, appreciates the collaboration: ““Ross has what we need to drive these large screens and understands how we and the NFL want to do this show. When you’re working with Ross, it’s a huge weight lifted off of shoulders.”

For Kevin Cottam, Ross VP of Sports & Live Events, this year’s draft is another step forward, both in terms of creativity and the comeback of live events. “The league and Van Wagner continue to raise the bar when it comes to production creativity and quality, and it’s no surprise Van Wagner has become the ‘go to’ team for flagship events like the Super Bowl and NFL Draft. Once again, we are proud that Van Wagner has chosen Ross Solutions and services for the draft. We provide the tools and services personnel to get the job done with maximum creativity and efficiency, and we’re thrilled to be in Cleveland this year for the spectacular event.”

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For • 4 May, 2021
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