Welt TV Studio Vizrt

The latest news studio of German broadcaster Welt has up to six Vizrt tools contributing to its daily production.

Welt’s new infrastructure, based on SMPTE 2110 NMOS, is capable of broadcasting without the need for a traditional production switcher. All mixing/effects (M/E) and digital video effects (DVE), as well as all video wall and virtual studio content, feature software-based operation. To make this workflow effective, the broadcaster turned to Vizrt’s range of visual storytelling products.

With the collaboration of integrator Qvest Media, the Norwegian company supplied solutions such as Viz Mosart for automation, Viz One for asset management, Viz Pilot Edge for journalist workflows, Viz Multiplay for videowall content control and Viz Engine for feed, interconnect and output.

Flexible automation

One of Welt’s main objectives was to establish “highly automated” workflows. This was a complex task, given that the studio setup features not only seven robotic cameras, but also moving LED panels or IP-controlled lighting. To manage this section, Welt decided to rely on Viz Mosart. This solution orchestrates the interaction between the aforementioned elements. Similarly, the content of the advanced video walls is also managed by software: a combination of Viz Multiplay and Mosart.

Another pillar of the project was to benefit from a SMPTE 2110 NMOS infrastructure with the help of an orchestrator and a playout controller. In this regard, Viz’s SMPTE 2110-compliant engines deployed in the facility perform clip playback in addition to the graphics work. This, in VIZRT’s words, “guarantees perfect synchronization”.

A challenging project

Thorsten Prohm, Welt’s CTO, is pleased to have placed his trust in Vizrt: “Creating a news broadcast facility is a technical challenge even with traditional architecture. What we invented at Welt are innovative workflows for every step needed to create the program we envisioned. This influenced the choice of journalist and automation tools and how our infrastructure needs to work and can be controlled. Our intention was not to eliminate the switcher. With the flexibility and functionality from software components and the underlying IP infrastructure, there was no need for one anymore. With Vizrt we found the right software provider to pull this project off the ground.”

On his side, Gerhard Lang, Vizrt’s chief technology officer, adds: “The creative minds behind the workflows and aesthetics of Welt approached Vizrt with a concept where they wanted to take full control over every aspect of the production chain. Together we designed a setup which is entirely software based and functions without a production switcher. A technical challenge like this not only requires the modules to work, but a deep collaboration between the parties. We are happy and proud that Welt chose us as a partner for this groundbreaking project allowing us to show what is possible with IP and software.”

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For • 12 May, 2021
• Section: Study, media management, Integration, IP