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German broadcaster Welt, previously known as N24, has completely revamped its satellite infrastructure through an integration executed by Qvest Media.

One of the main challenges for Welt, a privately owned German news broadcaster offering cable, satellite, DVB-T2 and IPTV services, was to integrate the three existing motorized antennas at a remote site with the seven new antennas installed at the new location. The project, despite the difficulties, is already working satisfactorily. Today, the ten antennas together supply a total of 42 L-band RF signals that are controlled from a new broadcast center in the heart of Berlin.

For this project, Qvest Media has chosen solutions from DEV Systemtechnik. Specifically, it has implemented a combination of Optribution RF modular systems over fiber for transmission, and an Archimedes matrix for switching and combining signals. It has also implemented various redundancy options.

Welt - Qvest Media - DEVAdaptability and flexibility

Manfred Mettendorff, CEO of DEV Systemtechnik, providers of the satellite solutions, says he is very pleased to offer a “field proven” solution. “Qvest Media has an excellent track record in the industry and a good understanding of DEV’s solutions. So Network oprators can always rest aassured that also complex requirements will be resolved and projects being excuted swiftly,” he adds.

On the other hand, Volker Schauff, solution architect at Qvest Media, values DEV’s teams: “Our teams at Qvest Media have already realized customer projects worldwide with solutions delivered by DEV Systemtechnik. One major benefit is, that their modular and field-upgradable solutions can be adapted to many different customer demands. The adaptability and flexibility were also invaluable in our project for Welt.”

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For • 29 Sep, 2021
• Section: Integration, RF, Satellite