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ODK Media‘s new OnDemandLatino service will benefit from Blackbird‘s cloud video editing capabilities.

ODK Media is a provider of high-quality international video content that uses its own streaming platforms as distribution channels. The company’s product suite, comprising film distribution, e-commerce, content management and journalism, focuses on promoting and delivering a “seamless and enjoyable” entertainment experience.

ODK Media’s globally distributed production team will use Blackbird remotely to access content libraries from multiple regional locations. Using the tools available through a web browser, the ODK Media team will be able to edit and enrich content before publishing it to multiple digital endpoints, including web, social media and VOD. Blackbird will be used specifically for ODK Media’s new service, OnDemandLatino.

Combination of technologies

Daniel Djahjah, Chief Content Officer at OnDemandLatino, notes that Blackbird is a perfect fit for their current needs: “Combining ODK Media’s in-house developed technology and publishing model, we found in Blackbird a robust in-cloud editor that added to our combination of tools provides agility and productivity. Solutions like these are especially important in these times where we need more and more flexibility within our globally located teams.”

Blackbird CEO Ian McDonough reaffirms Djahjah’s statement, “Blackbird is ideally suited to the OTT streaming services market and ODK’s workflow is an excellent example of how companies using our platform can seamlessly leverage globally distributed production teams to create, enrich and version content very quickly and conveniently. The instantaneous access to large amounts of content in a browser combined with our professional content creation tools drives productivity by reducing production times, technical overhead costs and carbon emissions while simultaneously increasing the volume of quality output.”

Blackbird’s clients include prominent players such as Tata Communications, EVS, BT, IMG, Deltatre, Sky News Arabia, A+E Networks, NHL, Eleven Sports, Riot Games or the U.S. State Department.

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By • 20 May, 2021
• Section: Postpro, Mobile TV