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Uruguayan television station Teledoce has renewed the image of its Telemundo newscast with Ross Video’s XPression solutions.

Telemundo, with three daily editions, set out to renew its image to offer its viewers a more “innovative, contemporary and multiformat” look, as Andres Lapi, head of technology and operations of Teledoce, says. After studying several options on the market, he made the decision to implement LED screens powered by the Ross XPression graphics system and XPression Tessera software to render the graphics.

According to Lapi, this setup has given them the flexibility they were looking for: “we can arrange the displays in different configurations and use XPression to feed them with great-looking graphics content and XPression Tessera always makes the displays look like one single canvas.”

Easy transformation

Lapi considers the implementation of the videowall system to have been a success, but he also particularly appreciates how “easy” it has been to work with Ross Video: “The closeness of the sales team, the constant help and quick attention were all very impressive. The online Ross communities were also very helpful, and it has been easy for us to get quick answers to questions. Once we decided on the right direction, everything went very smoothly and was pretty stress-free. Our solution is robust, easy to use, gives us plenty of creative options and has definitely made our workflows more efficient.”

Similarly, the new setup has helped them to a production services deal with an international company: “Our new visual look has impressed other broadcast partners and we’ve recently signed a three-year deal with an international company to produce a sports program for them. Ultimately, we are a private company and have to make good commercial decisions – working with Ross has definitely been one of our most positive choices to date.”

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For • 28 May, 2021
• Section: Study, graphics