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Aviwest solutions were deployed by La Solution FR to create an HD video multiplex between a studio and 11 remote sites across France.

La Solution RF is a French company specialized in HD video transmission and 4K broadcasting in HF (high frequency) or over 4G/5G. Since 2003, they have been offering their services to TV channels and broadcast facility providers in sports, news, events, cinema and advertising.

Recently, BMV Communication asked La Solution RF to build an HD video multiplex between its studio and 11 remote sites throughout France for the production of an awards show. Due to Covid-19, the awards ceremony could not be held in person and the cost of deploying a fleet of 11 SNGs was simply too high.

Aviwest - La solution RF - Workflow

Pro380 and StreamHub

La Solution RF ultimately opted for a workflow featuring Aviwest solutions. Specifically, the production services company distributed a total of 11 HD cameras equipped with the Pro380. These devices enabled BMV Communication to transmit the HD signal from the cameras over 4G networks with a video latency of 800 ms. The system also enabled them to broadcast live at each site using Aviwest’s video backhaul feature. This feature allows, via an encoder, the stream to be sent back to the Pro380s connected to a StreamHub transceiver in the control room.

For sound feedback, Aviwest’s IFB feature was used. Using a Behringer Rack X32 connected to the StreamHub via USB, custom sound feedback was enabled for each site, thus avoiding delay effects by having 11 differentiated IFBs. Finally, for live video production, vMix was used.

Mikael Gentil, co-founder and manager of La Solution RF, is satisfied with the performance of Aviwest’s technology: “Depending on filming locations, we use Aviwest systems to simplify signal transmission to our media center for streaming and conferences, or as a high-speed access point to manage directly on site. Our customers are reassured by having this reliable solution as a backup, even if an internet connection is available in the studio. Aviwest technologies are essential tools for us, providing reliability, efficiency and simplicity for innovative transmission applications”.

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For • 2 Jun, 2021
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