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A selection of Blackmagic Design components structures the workflow of Terrible Producciones, a company specializing in sports streaming.

Terrible Producciones employs a standardized workflow for all the matches it covers, except during basketball and rugby matches, where wireless cameras are used for greater flexibility and freedom of movement. Up to six URSA Broadcast units are strategically placed on the walkways of the sports venues, equipped with URSA Studio Viewfinder devices and Canon B4 ENG lenses. On the other hand, Blackmagic Camera Fiber Converter equipment is used to transmit live signals to a mobile unit through a fiber optic connection.

The production company from Valladolid creates, in this way, content for organizations such as LaLiga SmartBank, the ASOBAL League, the Rugby Division of Honor and the Royal Spanish Handball Federation. The coverage, which includes pre- and post-match interviews, the match itself and replays, is broadcasted through channels such as LaLiga Sports TV, TVG or RTPA. Terrible Producciones also provides content to the respective sports federations, which add their own commentary before broadcasting.

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FHD production

Terrible Producciones’ Blackmagic Design workflow is completed with an ATEM 2 M/E Production Studio 4K mixer, several HyperDeck Studio Mini recorders and an ATEM Camera Control Panel device. A vMix replay system connected to the mixer is also used. The content is produced in 1080p50 format, in order to meet the broadcasters’ transmission requirements.

The head of Terrible Producciones, David García Rodríguez, emphasizes the “flexibility and high degree of control” that Blackmagic solutions offer for his multi-camera productions. This versatility allows him to cover all types of sporting events with a basic team of four people, consisting of a director, a producer, an operator for the camera control unit and a person specialized in graphics and replays.

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