Roland V-1HD⁺ Remote

The new V-1HD⁺ Remote app will allow convenient remote control of numerous functions of Roland’s V-1HD⁺ video mixer from the touchscreen of any iPad.

So instead of making adjustments on the unit or occupying the preview monitor, users can control most functions in real time with the V-1HD⁺ Remote from an iPad.

It allows control of a multitude of functions from the convenience of an iPad touchscreen, such as switching and mixing video and audio, specifying the video effect assigned to each video bus, changing audio volume levels, adjusting the degree of effects applied, activating the external video recorder, saving and recalling eight preset memories, adjusting output video, making system settings, and much more.

Roland V-1HD⁺ Remote

Robustness and versatility

Roland’s V-1HD⁺ HD Video Mixer is the latest addition to the manufacturer’s multi-channel HD video switching product line. Based on the popular V-1HD four-channel mixer, the V-1HD⁺ provides a deeper feature set for advanced mixing applications with simple operation and rugged reliability.

Offering versatile HDMI inputs and outputs, the V-1HD⁺ features four HDMI inputs for mixing a variety of video sources such as cameras, presentation computers, tablets and game consoles. And with built-in scaling on input 4, users can automatically sync and calibrate problematic video sources without the need for external equipment. It also provides two independent HDMI outputs for added versatility in professional production.

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For • 4 Jun, 2021
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