Roland Go Mixer Pro-X

Roland adds to its Go:Mixer portfolio the new Pro-X mixer, which has been designed for users who require the highest quality audio for live performances or recordings from smartphones and tablets.

The Go:Mixer products are ultra-compact, come packed with audio connections and allow content creators to capture multiple sound sources in high quality for music videos, livestreams or podcasts.

Compared to the previous Go:Mixer Pro model, the Go:Mixer PRO-X offers expanded support for iOS and Android mobile devices, a guitar/bass input pad switch, and the ability to use a mic and headphone set or the mic built into a smartphone’s earbud headset as a sound source.

Modern smartphones and tablets record high-quality video, but their microphones don’t make it possible to create flawless productions that grab viewers’ attention and keep them engaged. This new Roland offering mixes multichannel, sound monitoring and other features in an affordable, ultra-portable handheld format.

I/O versatility

The GO:Mixer Pro-X meets the audio needs of all types of creators, whether working alone or in a group. Users can connect and mix up to seven audio sources, including a professional XLR microphone, guitar or bass, a stereo instrument such as a keyboard or drum machine, and two stereo line devices.

The headphone jack supports an additional mic signal, and the Loop Back function allows music or audio from a connected mobile device to be mixed as well. Users can use a new pad switch for the guitar/bass-specific input to attenuate the signal if needed for instruments with active pickups.

In addition, it is equipped with Micro-B USB and four-pole TRRS analog connectors, so it offers plug-and-play operation with most iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Three different types of cables are included for connecting to the Lightning, USB-C and four-pole TRRS jacks of mobile devices. The unit can be powered by four AAA batteries or via the device connection when using the USB Micro-B connector.

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For • 23 Jun, 2021
• Section: In depth, Audio