Realidad aumentada - Pixotope XD Motion - PSG vs AS Monaco

Pixotope’s graphics solutions and XD Motion’s capture systems brought augmented reality to the Coupe de France final.

Pixotope integrated 3D recreations of the logos of the Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) and AS Monaco teams into the broadcast that was shown on France TV. These images, accompanied by other recreations of French buildings and monuments in augmented reality, were shown both in the lead-up to the event and during half-time.

XD Motion’s cameras played a key role in this project. Fixed with multiple fiber ropes and suspended in the air, the X fly 3D cameras with mechanical tracking AR were in charge of mapping the stadium in three dimensions. The animations created by Post Logic were then fed directly into the live feed.

Realidad aumentada - Pixotope XD Motion - Monaco

High-performance tracking

One of Pixotope’s key features is its high-performance standalone tracking server, which connects Pixotope with leading camera and object tracking systems in real time. This compatibility allows users to adjust and transform signals “robustly,” working in concert with graphics and video.

Benoit Dentan, CEO of XD Motion, has been able to experience this integration first-hand: “It was incredible to see the new integration between Pixotope and XD motion work so effectively during one of the biggest broadcast events in French football. All of the graphics were broadcast live on-air, demonstrating the seamless implementation of real-time augmented reality in live sporting events using Pixotope. The combination of XD Motion’s live tracking and AR transforms the viewers’ experience”.

Alternative in the sports world

Pixotope’s David Dowling emphasizes the brand’s presence in more and more sports productions, such as the Super Bowl, a project that “that combined live-action from multiple moving cameras with augmented virtual stages and graphics.”

This latest example during the French Football Cup final is another huge achievement for Pixotope, providing an excellent presentation of AR technology on one of the biggest stages in world football. The end result also showcases our seamless integration with XD Motion’s cutting-edge camera technology – the X fly 3D with mechanical tracking AR is perfect for the live coverage and tracking of large-scale sports arenas”, he says.

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For • 22 Jun, 2021
• Section: 360 / VR, Capture, graphics, TV