AJA OpenGear OG-FiDO-R-12G 12G SDI

AJA’s new OpenGear OG-FiDO 12G cards support the conversion of LC or ST fiber signals to 12G-SDI.

While the OG-FiDO-R-12G-ST is a fiber receiver that supports single ST to 12G-SDI fiber channel conversion, the OG-FiDO-2R-12G offers two LC to 12G-SDI fiber channel conversion. Both models receive 12G-SDI signals from standard fiber video sources, including AJA’s FiDO mini-converters. In the words of Nick Rashby, president of AJA, the developments have come about as the company has identified “increased demand from customers looking to upgrade 12G-SDI infrastructures.”

AJA’s OG-FiDO 12G cards can perform fiber to 12G/6G/3G/HD/SD-SDI conversion work, supporting extended cable runs (up to 10 km) over standard single-mode fiber optic cable. The two new models offer compatibility with OG-X-FR, OG-3-FR and DFR-8321 openGear frames, allowing up to 10 cards per frame. In addition, they are interchangeable during processing, support HDR video and feature automatic detection and reclocking.

In addition, AJA’s latest solutions are compatible with Ross DashBoard software, allowing remote monitoring of their status via a Windows, macOS or Linux computer on a local network.

Software upgrades

In addition to the new OG-FiDO 12G cards, AJA has also released a collection of new firmware updates for select AJA openGear card models, including OG-ROI-HDMI, OG-ROI-DVI, OG-ROI-SDI, OG-HA5-4K and OG-12GM.

OG-ROI-HDMI v1.3.2, OG-ROI-DVI v1.3.2 and OG-HA5-4K v1.5.3 introduce extended display identification data (EDID) emulation, allowing the user to specify the desired video format to the connected HDMI source. Both OG-HA5-4K v1.5.3 and OG-12GM v1.1.2, on the other hand, add simple frame rate conversion capabilities from p60 to p59.94 and p59.94 to p60.

For the latest audio workflows, OG-HA5-4K v1.5.3 adds support for Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital Plus compressed audio embedding pass-through, including Dolby Digital Plus JOC (joint object coding) for immersive audio. The new OG-12GM v1.1.2 firmware update also introduces PsF support for inputs and outputs. In addition, OG-ROI-SDI v1.2.1 adds a fix to improve its performance.

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For • 8 Jul, 2021
• Section: In depth, Media management