AJA Mini-Converter - v.2.26.3

The AJA Mini-Converter line receives new features with the free Mini-Config software upgrade to v2.26.3.

Among the highlights of this upgrade are basic HDR metadata pass-through and optional override functionality for the Hi5-12G, Hi5-4K-Plus, HA5-12G, HA5-4K, 4K2HD and 12GM. In addition, 4K2HD has been made compatible with the new generation of HDMI HDR Infoframes, simplifying HDR pipelines and delivering “more consistent” results, according to AJA itself.

Other key enhancements include compatibility of Hi5-12G, HA5-12G, HA5-4K and Hi5-4K Plus with the BT.2020 colour space; the debut of a new graphical user interface for the new HDMI HDR pipeline to display HDR input and output status, and an HDR metadata override tab in Mini-Config; dual-link capabilities for 12GM, including 2×1.5G, 2x3G, 2x6G for inputs and outputs, and HA5-4K, including 2×1.5G output; or support for Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital Plus audio pass-through for Hi5-12G and Hi5-4K Plus.

Nick Rashby, president of AJA, is very positive about the upgrade: “Our latest Mini-Config release brings AJA Mini-Converter customers new features that make processes much simpler and reflect customer feedback, while also extending the value of their investments, and we encourage all users to download it today.”

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By • 9 Feb, 2022
• Section: Study