DaVinci Resolve’s Fairlight module is now being used in all of the New York Film Academy’s audio postproduction courses, which are taught at its Los Angeles campus.

Huch Platt, head of the New York Film Academy’s sound department, decided to explore DaVinci Resolve software at the beginning of the pandemic. Platt needed a program that was free, easy to install and accessible, and Blackmagic Design’s solution met all of these requirements. In addition, the system’s image processing capabilities would make it easier to teach.

To get the most out of the tool, Platt became a certified DaVinci Resolve instructor, taking advantage of Blackmagic’s training programs. After that, he spent a full semester designing the training program before he began teaching.

Blackmagic Design - DaVinci Resolve - Audio

DaVinci Resolve, the backbone of the training program

Since mid-2020, Pratt has completed three courses based on the Blackmagic Design tool. The result couldn’t be more satisfying, he says: “The students do everything from dialogue editing to cutting and effects, as well as final mix and exporting. One of the many things I love about DaVinci Resolve is it’s intuitive across the board, as intuitiveness is key to adoption.”

“DaVinci Resolve has come a long way and is now very prevalent across postproduction because of its professional tools and the way you can seamlessly move between editing, color, sound and VFX. The students are jumping to use it,” he concludes.

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By • 12 Jul, 2021
• Section: Audio, Training