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The content platform Avid‘s MediaCentral is now integrated with OpenMedia, a newsroom solution developed by CGI.

OpenMedia joins NRCS platforms already supported by MediaCentral such as ENPS and Octopus, making Avid’s product a flexible tool that adapts to the vast majority of news environments. Thanks to this integration, users can collaborate remotely, accelerate workflows and produce content faster without having to change their newsroom system.

To meet these objectives, newsrooms can benefit from features such as “ultra-fast search,” which enables teams to find the story content they need “when they need it,” and the Media Composer editing tool. Similarly, multiplatform distribution capabilities will allow stories to reach news media followers and viewers with greater flexibility.

Optimizing workflows

Raúl Alba, director of product management at Avid, explains the company’s goal with this integration: “Avid’s innovation strategy for newsrooms centers on driving more openness to help customers get more performance out of their infrastructure. By opening up MediaCentral to a wider range of newsrooms, we’re bringing the platform’s extensive capabilities right to journalists’ fingertips.”

“They can get started straight away—without extensive training, loss of productivity, or any complications associated with deploying a new NRCS—and gain the ability to create better content faster directly within the systems they already rely on,” he adds.

Michael Pfitzner, vice president of newsroom solutions at CGI, says, “Integrating OpenMedia into the MediaCentral platform enables editorial teams to unify their news planning and production workflow with Avid’s state-of-the-art production platform for a seamless end-to-end user experience.”

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By • 20 Aug, 2021
• Section: Media management