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Blackmagic Design‘s ATEM Mini Extreme ISO mixer and Blackmagic Design’s DaVinci Resolve Studio software shape the Stunt Tales webseries.

Stunt Tales, which can be viewed via YouTube, was created by Stephen Hart, a stunt coordinator and performer known for his work on a variety of projects such as Jason Bourne, Reno 911! and National Treasure. Hart realized that there might be an audience interested in hearing the stories of stunt performers, often overlooked artists. Hart and his small crew, including his wife, singer and performer Gigi Worth, began producing the series with devices they already had in their home: three cameras, shotgun microphones and lighting elements.

When it came time to post-produce the footage, numerous problems emerged, as the editor was faced with a large amount of footage shot at different qualities. That’s when Hart discovered the ATEM Mini Extreme ISO mixer. The solution allowed him to edit the format on the fly to avoid further complications in post-production.

The three cameras are connected via HDMI to the ATEM. In order to take advantage of the standalone recording feature, which allows the signals and program to be stored individually on an SSD drive along with a DaVinci Resolve project, Hart also began using Blackmagic Design software.

Stunt Tales - ATEM Mini - Blackmagic Design

Evolving series

Today, the webseries continues to grow. Hart says he is thrilled to be able to film the stories of his friends and co-workers: from Diamond Farnsworth understudying Sylvester Stallone in Rambo: First Blood, to Joe Griffo in The Mandalorian. What Hart is most proud of, however, is creating a medium to reflect the passion of other stuntmen: “I was excited we could share the story of me hiring 84 year old Bobby Herron on an episode of ‘Reno 911’ where he performed two stair falls at his age. These guys do amazing things, and those are stories I’m eager to preserve.”

Thanks to his new work dynamic, Hart is able to shoot more interviews and capture the stories of action dubbing professionals faster than before. As he concludes, “we have shot 12 two hour interviews in three weeks which translates into at least 30 episodes of Stunt Tales. We have 12 more interviews lined up for the next three weeks. This would not be possible without the ATEM Mini Extreme ISO and DaVinci Resolve.”

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