Teradek Bolt 4K Monitor Module

Teradek has released the Bolt 4K Monitor Modules 1500 TX and 1500 RX, compatible with SmallHD Smart 7 monitors and the entire Bolt 4K product series.

The Bolt 4K Monitor Module 1500 TX/RX allows cameras to be controlled via wireless links. When the systems are paired, they can transmit and receiving a lag-free wireless video signal with resolution ranging from 1080p to 4Kp30. With a range of 450 meters line-of-sight range, the system is also capable of handling HDR signals.

The latest addition to Teradek’s Bolt 4K range is also notable for its simple setup and for allowing signals to be managed via the Bolt app for iOS and Android. In addition, the Monitor Module 1500 TX/RX is compatible with the broadcast mode of the Bolt 4K, allowing it to serve “an unlimited number of receivers.” Wireless camera control is already available for ARRI cameras, although a beta for RED’s Komodo model will soon be available for download.

1500 TX and 1500 RX models

The 4K Monitor Module 1500 TX features an integrated hardware connector for SmallHD Smart 7 monitors (Cine 7, Indie 7 and 702 Touch), optional wireless camera control with a Smart 7 monitor and a SmallHD license.

Furthermore, the Bolt 4K 1500 RX comes with a v-mount module or with the Gold mount battery plate option to allow operation with a continuous power supply. In either case, the system includes an integrated hardware connector for SmallHD Smart 7 monitors. The solution, capable of receiving metadata, timecode and start/stop flags from most camera manufacturers, can also be managed through the Bolt app for iOS and Android.

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For • 2 Sep, 2021
• Section: Accessories, RF