Emmy Ingeniería 2021

The Television Academy has announced the winners of the 73rd annual Engineering Emmys, which honor an individual, company or organization for its advances in broadcast technology.

Eight projects received awards in this 2021 edition, as well as two lifetime achievement awards. The Charles F. Jenkins Lifetime Achievement Award has gone to Reed Hastings, co-founder and CEO of Netflix, who has led the evolution from a subscription-based movie rental service in 1997 to the large video-on-demand platform we know today. The second Lifetime Achievement Award, the Philo T. Farnsworth Award for Entrepreneurial Achievement, went to Dolby Laboratories, a company that has been innovating film technology since 1965. Its two latest initiatives continue unstoppably on their way to becoming industry standards: Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision.

The Engineering Emmys recognized projects such as Arnold Global Illumination Rendering System (Marcos Fajardo, Alan King, Thiago Ize), a photorealistic renderer used by visual effects and animation studios around the world; ARRI SkyPanel (ARRI), a family of ultra-bright LED soft lights for studios; CEDAR Studio (CEDAR Audio Ltd. ), an audio post-production solution that includes features such as dialogue noise suppressors; and Golaem Crowd (Golaem), a system that helps fill TV shows, movies and game cinematics with characters in a matter of minutes, procedurally animating different subjects with advanced behaviors in real time and with full artistic control.

Also winning were Massive (Stephen Regelous), a software package that offers the ability to simulate crowds using an artificial intelligence-based approach; Scriptation (Steve Vitolo, Felipe A. Méndez P., Franco Zuccar), a system that automates the process of transferring handwritten notes, annotations and verbal comments to a script and redistributing it to all departments; Teradek Bolt 4K (Nicolaas Verheem, Marius van der Watt, Dennis Scheftner, Zvi Reznic), a zero-delay wireless video transmission system for on-set monitoring, providing high-quality wireless video integrated into the workflow; and V-Ray (Chaos), a physics-based adaptive ray-tracing and rendering solution used to create photorealistic visual effects.

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By • 14 Oct, 2021
• Section: Business, Television