Turanga Films and A Caprice of Productions have started filming We will not kill each other with guns, a dramedy produced by Lina Badenes and Belén Sánchez, directed by María Ripoll.

The film, set and shot in a traditional coastal town of fishermen in Levante Valencia, is written by Víctor Sánchez and Antonio Escámez and it is the adaptation for the big screen of the homonymous play by Víctor Sánchez Rodríguez, winner of the Max Award for Best Revelation Authorship 2016.

The film stars Ingrid García-Jonsson, Elena Martín, Joe Manjón, Lorena López and Carlos Troya. All of them play a group of friends who meet again in the town after years without seeing each other to celebrate a special event.

The film revolves around lost youth, while it vanished and is trying to be recovered, often desperately, and the ability and also the need, more current every day, to reinvent itself.

To the producers, Lina Badenes and Belén Sánchez, who together already produced the award-winning film innocence, by Lucía Alemany, this story immediately attracted them due to its “choral, summery and acidic tone. We belong to a generation that has been able to claim the difference and we want to focus on key issues of our time, and do it in an interesting and, at the same time, fun and cheeky way”.

Filmax will be in charge of the distribution of the film.

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By • 17 Sep, 2021
• Section: Who, Film / Production