LTO-9 tape technology is now compatible with all ATTO network and storage connectivity solutions.

The ninth-generation Linear Tape-Open (LTO-9) technology, compatible with LTO-8 media, offers more storage capacity and transfer speed than its predecessor. Specifically, LTO-9 Ultrium tape stores up to 18TB uncompressed and 45TB compressed, which is 50% more capacity than LTO-8. On the other hand, its transfer speeds reach 400 MB/s uncompressed and up to 1,000 MB/s compressed.

All ATTO products have recently been upgraded to address the LTO technology phase. In this way, ATTO Advanced Data Streaming technology, integrated in all ATTO HBAs, bridges and Thunderbolt devices, can manage latency to provide controlled acceleration for smooth data flow while maintaining consistent throughput. ATTO’s XstreamCORE intelligent bridges, on the other hand, allow direct-attach SAS tape to be added to shared Ethernet networks, providing a “flexible and easy” way to remotely share LTO-9 tape devices.

Similarly, ATTO SpeedWrite can keep the paths between a host and ATTO XstreamCORE loaded with data to increase write performance by up to 25% over a direct-attached SAS HBA connection to tape drives. Finally, the ATTO ThunderLink Thunderbolt adapters and SAS ExpressSAS GT HBAs offer “the fastest connection available” to LTO-9 SAS tape drives. They feature a full range of port configurations and controller support, “easy-to-use” features, and integrate with up to 16 tape drives per bridge.

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By • 14 Oct, 2021
• Section: Storage