disguise - Emily Rowed (Foto: ARC Studios)

The Disguise extended reality (xR) workflow, supported by gx 2c media servers and rx II render nodes, has brought to life the virtual world Bloom, the latest music video from singer/songwriter Emily Rowed.

Atlanta-based virtual production studio Meptik joined forces with video production company Gear Seven to shoot the music video at Arc Studios, the first virtual production and xR studio based in Nashville. Arc Studios features over 8,000 square feet of studio space, including over 500 square feet of PixelFLEX LED surface integrated with Unreal Engine.

Josh Eason and Madison Hague-Rogers of Arc Studios designed the magical and surreal virtual environment in Unreal Engine based on the intricate physical landscape of flowers, moss and grass designed by art director Sophia Matinazad. Disguise vx4 and rx II servers powered the led wall content, rendering the graphics in real time and providing a fluid frame rate.

Interacting with the environment

During the shoot, Rowed interacted with the physical scenery of the space (flowers, moss, dirt) as the virtual environment unfolded around her and the interactive lighting projected the singer in the same tones as the backdrop. Real-time camera tracking from stYpe allowed for dynamic camera movements, integrating Rowed with her physical and virtual world. Director Sam Siske benefited from the control possibilities provided by xR. In this way, he was able to easily position the trees and go from night to daylight in seconds.

Bloom is the second music video Meptik has produced using Disguise xR, after the team first used the technology for Nashville singer Fleurie’s A World Beyond video, released in 2019.

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By • 26 Oct, 2021
• Section: AR / VR / XR, Study, Television