Hibino - Estudio producción virtual - disguise

Hibino, a Japanese audiovisual resource and production services provider, has opened a new disguise-equipped virtual production studio.

This facility, which features disguise xR, will be used for the production of film and television content, video clips, advertising and to host corporate events. In terms of screens, this space has been equipped with ROE Ruby 1.5F on both sides of the studio and ROE CB5 for the ceiling.

Disguise is also present in the studio with three rx II servers, two of them dedicated exclusively to content rendering and a third that will provide connectivity with Unreal Engine through disguise’s multi-user editor. On the other hand, the vx4 server will offer 4K outputs capable of up to four times uncompressed 4K60 playback with lossless 10-bit video.

A decade-long partnership

Junichi Imokawa, director and CEO of Hibino, highlights the supplier’s close relationship with disguise: “Since we began working with disguise ten years ago, we have built a very strong bond and have used each of our expertise to push each other past what we believed feasible. We’ve made the impossible possible. disguise has become our go-to supplier because it has a very impressive portfolio of video rental partners which would rival the best companies in the world.”

In addition, Imokawa reveals that its goal with this new implementation is to help make these types of spaces “more accessible and commonplace within the industry.” “We would like to distribute our elaborate LED and systems to as many studios as possible across Japan,” he concludes.

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By • 6 Jul, 2021
• Section: AR / VR / XR, Study, Television