Vizrt XR Set Express - Estudio virtual

XR Set Express, the first studio-in-a-box system dedicated to virtual production, is the latest venture from Vizrt.

The Vizrt all-in-one studio comes with pre-configured and pre-calibrated features that allow for “instant” setup and use of a virtual set. XR Set Express leverages Vizrt virtual studio capabilities along with the connected workflows of NDI, the IP video standard.

The NDI protocol is used for the transmission of video, monitoring data and control of the Panasonic UE100 PTZ camera over a single wired connection. In parallel, Viz Arc provides flexible control for studio installation and configuration. Graphics positioning, studio customization, automatic adjustment, presetting of desired camera positions and more functions, Vizrt notes, can be automated “in just a few clicks”.

Daniel Url, global head of product management at Vizrt, believes that with XR Set Express, “the operational complexity” of virtual studios has been removed. “We created XR Set Express to provide our world class Virtual Studio technology for organizations aiming for a great value, easy-to-operate system without compromising the quality of the production,” he adds.

XR Set Express includes the Viz Arc control surface, Panasonic’s UE100 PTZ, pre-configured hardware and software, and a pre-calibrated lens with additional simplified lens adjustments. The solution is part of the Extended Reality Suite, a solution available through Flexible Access.

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For • 29 Oct, 2021
• Section: AR / VR / XR, Study