Panasonic Kairos

Panasonic has shared version 1.3.2 of Kairos, which includes important new features such as support for Ross Talk from Ross Video.

This free software update for Kairos customers is notable for integrating the RossTalk protocol through the AT-SFE01 RossTalk activation key, which allows the Ross XPression real-time graphics software to be controlled directly from the Kairos platform.

The latest software update to the Panasonic solution also provides operators with greater visibility over their production network, additional access to system log data, and added redundancy capabilities for improved control and system integrity. Specifically, Kairos version 1.3.2 includes two new redundancy-related features: KAIROS Core redundancy management for mainframe backups, and ST-2022-7 redundancy for networks (KC1000 only). Similarly, with the upgrade, operators have greater access to system and operations log data, so they can “easily” monitor network status and resolve “any issues.”

Kairos leverages a server-class CPU/GPU architecture, eliminating the constraints of legacy FPGA/Firmware systems and enabling live video processing and switching, regardless of resolution and format, while natively supporting the transition to live IP and cloud workflows with simultaneous SDI, ST 2110 and streaming support.

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By • 11 Nov, 2022
• Section: Study, IP