Lawo Diamond

Diamond is the new Lawo modular and scalable console. Designed for tv and radio, this all-IP solution consists of up to 9 modules that can be combined with each other.

This all-IP system (AES67-Dante) powered by Power Core engine from Lawo stands out especially for its modular design. By combining its nine elements, users can create their perfect console, creating workspaces ranging from 2 to 60 physical faders (a number that can be expanded to 120 virtually). The nine available modules include virtual extension modules, which integrate high-definition color TFT touchscreens.

Lawo Diamond - Extensión virtualKey features include color displays adjacent to the faders, which provide expanded source information; two layers of faders, which allow operators to instantly switch between multiple tasks; motorized faders, inherited from mc2 consoles; programmable LED encoder and button illumination; and integration with program automation and playout systems, enabling operations involving voice tracking, remote production or DAW control.

During the product presentation, Lawo highlighted the adaptability of the system, which can be used with standard features or adapted through different APIS and configuration tools to suit the needs of each broadcaster.

Lawo Diamond - Estudio - Presentación

Use of algorithms and IP compromise

The diamond console from Lawo employs intelligent algorithms that accelerate production workflows, such as AutoMix, AutoMix Grouping or AutoGain, an automatic gain adjustment solution that optimizes guest and host microphone levels at the touch of a button.

Furthermore, users who choose to do so can operate their console remotely with full access to all functions from a PC with LAN / WAN connection. Diamond, by supporting an unlimited number of DSP profiles, allows individual talent profiles or custom show configurations to be available anywhere. Diamond also integrates with Home, the IP management platform by Lawo. Home helps connect, manage and secure all aspects of live production environments, providing centralized microservices for “fast and efficient” interaction between engineers and their tools.

This is how Johan Boqvist, senior product manager for radio at Lawo, assesses the brand’s latest release: “In addition to being entirely user configurable and flexible with respect to fader count, diamond sets a new standard for hardware and software integration on a true, native IP platform.”

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For • 17 Nov, 2021
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