Matrox - Monarch Edge Command Center

The new Matrox Monarch Edge Command Center web user interface is here to simplify and improve the management of Monarch Edge 4K/multi-HD in remote production environments.

Accessible through a web browser, this manager allows broadcasters and production service companies to directly access, control and manage all Monarch EDGE devices from “any location and device”. This connection, defined as “secure and fast”, aims to enable “efficient” configuration and maintenance operations.

Matrox Monarch EDGE encoding and decoding devices can carry multiple synchronized camera sources over dedicated WAN, LAN or Internet with 100ms latency for SDI-based productions. Monarch EDGE Command Center lets you configure and customize streaming, recording and decoding settings, as well as operating modes, from any device on the network that supports a web browser.

Wayne Andrews, Matrox Video senior product manager, summarizes the key benefits of Monarch Edge Command Center: “Remote productions are agile by design, and the Matrox Monarch EDGE Command Center web UI ensures that broadcast and live event operators can quickly and easily set up and/or adjust their encoding and decoding parameters to their specific workflow. This simple yet powerful configuration management tool drastically enhances the user experience, whether it’s for managing permanent or single-event multi-camera installations.”

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By • 22 Nov, 2021
• Section: Issue, Study