Dejero - EnGo 265

Various security enhancements, including AES265 encryption and a cryptoprocessor, are the main features of the EnGo 265, the Dejero latest solution.

The EnGo 265, which will replace the EnGo 260, introduces new features aimed at the broadcast market and production services. The Dejero tool enhances security and offers even lower latency than the EnGo 260, just 0.5 seconds, over bonded cellular connections. It also incorporates a new “GateWay mode” to ensure wireless broadband Internet connectivity, allowing large files to be transferred and providing access to cloud-based services; and a modified dongle with a wired remote control. Like its predecessor, the EnGo 265 uses the Dejero Smart Blending technology to combine multiple network connections and transmit live, broadcast-quality video.

The EnGo 265 features high-efficiency antennas and a “best-in-class” RF design to ensure cellular reception in both low coverage and crowded areas, as well as on the move. Another key feature of the backpack is its expanded security enhancements. In addition to AES256 encryption, the EnGo 265 includes a security-enhanced Linux operating system and a cryptoprocessor to authenticate the hardware.

Yvonne Monterroso, director of product management at Dejero, highlights the main features of EnGo 265: “Newsgatherers depend on backpack transmitters to tell stories from the field – there is no second chance when broadcasting live, so transmission reliability is paramount. Building on Dejero’s legacy and commitment to reliability, EnGo 265 not only delivers dependable live transmissions, but also offers dependable wireless broadband connectivity to the internet to help mobile news and live production teams work more efficiently in the field.”

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By • 3 Dec, 2021
• Section: Mobile TV